Solaris Sun Blade Operating System


Sun Microsystems has come up with an innovative new technology in their Sun Blade 8000 server and the accompanying Solaris operating system. The company has developed breakthrough computer architecture in this system which boasts performance, price, and reliability along with serviceability and efficiency.

The Sun Blade system is great for businesses that require high performance data on several computers connected to a network. This new technology has put Sun back on the “map” in the computer server world. It has given businesses the power and technology to run high data tasks at super fast speeds and with efficiency not seen before.

The Solaris operating system runs on all of the Sun Blade servers. While classically Solaris has been a closed source project, Sun decided to go ahead make it open source and distribute it on the free market. Matching up the Solaris operating system with the new Sun Blade servers was a perfect fit for Sun as well as the consumer because Solaris has been touted as the most advanced operating system on the planet.

Because there are many computers networked together with the Sun Blade server, having the Solaris operating system run the server makes sense. Security is of utmost importance to most businesses. The Solaris operating system comes with some of the most advanced security technology in the computer market. Having this kind of security allows you to safely deliver new solutions, consolidate data, and protect sensitive information on your computer system.

The Solaris operating system has optimized the network stack and gives amazing support for today’s advanced network computing protocols. It delivers high-performance networking to most applications without modification. Solaris offers dramatic advances in file system and volume management by delivering virtually unlimited capacity and near-zero administration.

Understanding that businesses today rely on a mix of technologies from a variety of vendors, the Solaris operating system provides tools to enable seamless interoperability with hundreds of heterogeneous hardware and software platforms. In the business world, this can be a very important advantage.

Solaris also delivers indisputable performance advantages for database, Web, and Java technology-based services, as well as massive scalability, shattering world records by delivering unbeatable price/performance advantages. Having the Solaris operating system on the Sun Blade servers gives your business a distinct advantage with all that it has to offer!

Server technology has reached new heights with the new Sun Blade servers coupled with the Solaris operating system. Now there are choices when you need a network you can rely on. It looks like Sun Micro Systems has provided a great alternative to standard servers with the new Sun Blade system.

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